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Member since: November 15, 2007
Last visit: July 7, 2010
Name: >>--LIZ-->
Gender: Female
Location: lost on an island (far from home)
Country: United States
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what i don't like about this site...

category: BEP | October 5 | @929 | comments comments(4)

i was just wondering, how many people on this site are actually REAL bep fans?! i mean think about it, there are tons of people on here who don't even care about the black eyed peas, they just want to show us stupid pictures of themselves (a lot of times fake ones) and try to get a girlfriend/boyfriend. that's the stupidest thing to do! why join a fan site if you aren't even a fan?! grr these people make me mad, they don't belong here, they don't deserve to have an account on here. you have to at least somewhat like the black eyed peas! another thing, i've seen so many people on here who are under 13 . the rules say you have to be 13 to join this site! can't you people read?! the...


Latest additions

yeah i dunno..

yeah i dunno..

Published on: 01/18/2009

thanksgiving family picture! haha

thanksgiving family picture! haha

Published on: 12/07/2008

we're so strange

we're so strange

Published on: 12/07/2008

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08/30/12 @647


07/19/09 @195
Hola..! Haven't logged-in, in a long time, & neither have you... So HEY..! lol
06/26/09 @380
yea i havent been on in ages either lol.
02/08/09 @369
wow awesome.
happy birthday for whenver it is :]
when is it by the way?
& naa nothing very kool with me. it was the 2nd day back at school after our summer holidays now. its tough getting out of lazy mode y\\\'kno hahaha :p

02/01/09 @286
Sorry I logged-off... I know I love "Cappachinos" but I drank them too much and wanted to "throw-up" so I got to lay off them for a while... I don't want the love to go
01/23/09 @171
HOLY SMOKES! okay I know i'm almost writing back like a year later but I guess it's better late than never lol..but yeah I don't think you remember but you wrote on my journal entry of the lifes unanswered questions and wow lol..nice I wonder how long that must have taken you to finish all those..

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  United States

[[eLiZaBeTh]]: this is how i roll

I'm L to the I-Z, Z the I the E

ok so if you haven't figured out already i'm a very hyper person with an awesome natural high. i love finding the sunshine in life (in other words, i can see the bright side of every dark and gloomy occassion :)). i love helping people, so if you have problems, i'll be happy to listen. i absolutely LOVE music <3. dane cook and mitch hedberg are my all time favorite comedians =]. i love random things, or as i call it, "randomosity" - oh yeah, i make up my own words. XD.
Comments are always welcome (excluding unnecessarily rude ones)!!

Quotes I like
Where words fail, Music speaks
& if it Rains on my PaRaDe, i'LL Just Dance in it
Don't worry about the people in your past. There's a reason they didn't make it to your future.
Sometimes i feel like the only Original in a world full of Fakes
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
if You follow the Crowd, You might get Lost in it
This is one doodle that can't be undid homeskillet.
Life is short; and so am I
You're redonkulous! / AM / i / UMG
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